Samoan Words: T t

I. v. to strike;
II. v. to play (instrument);
III. v. to type;
2 pron. we (two);
ta'a v. to roam wild;
ta'a- pref. indicates either circular motion, or something not being anchored; (see also ta'a)
tā'a'alo see ta'alo
ta'alo (pl. tā'a'alo) v. to play;
ta'aloga n. game, sport — 'O le ā le ta'aloga 'e te fiafia i ai?: What sport do you like?; (made from ta'alo + -ga)
ta'amilo v. to go around; (made from ta'a-, see also ta'amilomilo)
ta'amilomilo v. to go around and round; (made from ta'amilo)
ta'amu n. a large root vegetable;
I. n. car;
II. v. to roll;
(made from ta'a- + -vale, similar to vili)
tae n. excrement;
I. n. tomorrow;
II. n. morning — Manuia le taeao: Good morning;
tā'e'ele see tā'ele
tā'ele v. to bathe, shower, or swim; (see also fa'atā'ele)
tafafao see tafao
tafao (pl. tafafao) v. to roam, to visit as a tourist;
tafaoga n. a wander; (see also tafao, -ga)
tafatafao v. to go for a wander; (similar to tafao)
tafe (pv. tafea) v. to flow, float on water;
tafea see tafe
tafefe int. shows fear/surprise;
taga1 n. pocket;
taga2 n. action;
tagata n. person;
I. v. to cry;
II. v. to ring (of telephone);
ta'i- pref. prefixed to numbers to form 'one each', 'two each';
tai lb. toward the sea; (opposite of uta)
taimi n. time — 'O le ā le taimi o le va'a?: What time is the boat?. Taimi nei: Now;
ta'itasi num. one each; (made from tasi)
ta'ito'atasi num. one person to each of something; (made from to'a- + tasi)
I. v. to talk;
II. n. story — 'O le ā lau tala?: What are you saying?;
I. n. dollar;
II. n. currency unit in Independent Samoa (ST, formerly WST);
(see also sene, from English dollar)
tala fou n. news; (made from tala + fou)
talane lb. beside;
talanoa v. to converse;
talanoaga n. conversation; (made from talanoa + -ga)
talavou adj. young, not yet married;
I. n. answer;
II. v. to answer, wait for an answer;
talie n. a type of tree; (see also lā'au)
taliga n. ear; (made from tali + -ga)
talo (taro) n. taro (root vegetable);
talofa v. hello, greetings;
talofa ia see talofai
talofai (also talofa ia) int. expression of sympathy;
talosaga n. prayer; (see also talosia)
talosia v. to pray, hope, or cross ones fingers for something; (see also talosaga)
I. n. boy;
II. n. child, as related to their mother;
(opposite of teine)
tamā n. father;
tama'i adj. small, baby;
tama'ilima n. fingers; (made from tama'i + lima)
tama'ita'i n. woman (polite), lady; (similar to fafine)
tamaiti see tamaitiiti
tamaitiiti (tamaititi, pl. tamaiti) n. child of either gender;
tamaititi see tamaitiiti
tamāloa (pl. tamāloloa) n. old man (polite); (made from tamā + loa)
tamāloloa see tamāloa
tamo'e (pl. tāmomo'e) v. to run;
tāmomo'e see tamo'e
tā'oto v. to lie down;
tapa'a n. tobacco;
I. v. to switch off (lights, electronic devices);
II. v. to extinguish;
III. v. to erase;
IV. v. to kill (animals);
(see also 1)
tapena v. to tidy up, esp. in preparation for a guest;
tapuni (pv. tapunia) v. to close; (opposite of tatala)
tapunia see tapuni
taro see talo
tasi num. one;
tatala v. to open; (opposite of tapuni)
tatalo v. to pray;
I. v. to be necessary, a must;
II. v. to squeeze, to wring;
tātou pron. we (plural, inclusive);
I. n. cost;
II. n. fight;
III. n. weather;
ta'ua adj. important;
tā'ua pron. we two (dual, inclusive);
tauaso adj. blind;
taugatā adj. expensive; (made from tau + -gatā, opposite of taugofie)
taugofie adj. cheap; (made from tau + -gofie)
taulima n. bracelet;
tauloto n. speech;
taumafa v. to eat, drink, consume (polite); (similar to 'ai)
taumafai v. to try, attempt;
taumāfanafana n. warm-weather, summer; (made from tau + māfanafana)
taumatau n. right; (opposite of agavale)
taunu'u v. to arrive;
tausaga n. year — E fia ou tausaga?: How old are you?;
tausami n. eat;
tautala v. to talk; (see also talanoa, tauloto)
tautalatala adj. talkative; (see also tautala)
tautua n. to do service to one's family;
tauvae n. anklet;
te v.p present tense marker; (similar to e1)
te'a after;
teine n. girl; (opposite of tama)
teineiti see teineitiiti
teineitiiti (teineititi, pl. teineiti) n. child (girl);
teineititi see teineitiiti
tekonolosi n. technology; (from English technology)
telē (pl. tetelē) adj. big; (similar to lāpo'a)
tele (pl. tetele)
I. num. many;
II. adj. big;
(opposite of itiiti)
telefoni n. telephone; (from English telephone)
televise n. television; (similar to tivi)
Tesema n. December; (from English December)
tetele see tele
tetelē see telē
teu v. to decorate;
teuila n. a type of flower;
teuteu n. to decorate; (see also teu)
I. n. tea;
II. n. any hot drink;
(similar to lautī, from English tea)
ti'eti'e v. to ride;
tīgā adj. sore;
tilotilo v. to glance, take a look;
timu v. to rain — 'Ua timu: It's raining;
timuga n. rain; (made from timu + -ga)
tinā n. mother;
tino n. body;
tipi v. to cut off;
tīpolo n. lemon, lime;
tīpoti n. kettle, tea pot; (see also , from English teapot)
tivi n. television; (similar to televise, from English TV)
adj. pregnant; (similar to ma'i)
to'a- pref. prefixed to numbers when counting people;
to'afia num. how many? (of people); (made from to'a- + fia2)
to'aitiiti (to'aititi) num. few (of people);
to'aititi see to'aitiiti
to'alua n. companion, partner, spouse; (made from to'a- + lua1)
to'atele adj. many (of people); (made from to'a- + tele)
to'atolu num. three (of people); (made from to'a- + tolu)
I. again;
II. until;
toeaina n. old man;
toeitiiti (toeititi) adv. soon;
toeititi see toeitiiti
tōfā (2)
I. v. to sleep;
II. v. bye — Tōfā soifua: Goodbye;
III. n. polite way of addressing orators;
Toga n. prop. Tonga;
togafiti n. trick; (made from Toga + Fiti)
togi1 (pl. fetogi, pv. togia1) v. to throw;
togi2 (pl. totogi, pv. togia2, totogia) v. to pay;
tolotolo v. to crawl;
tolu num. three;
tomua adj. introductory;
toniga n. uniform;
tonu adj. correct, according to instruction;
tope adj. fast; (see also topetope)
topetope adv. quickly, fast; (see also tope)
toso v. to pull, to drag;
tosotoso v. to drag;
toto n. blood;
totogi see togi2
I. lb. inside, central;
II. n. middle, centre;
(pl. tūtū) v. to stand;
tua lb. behind;
tuafafine n. sister (of boy);
tuagane n. brother (of girl);
tuai adj. late, old; (opposite of vave, fou)
I. n. fork;
II. v. to poke, jab;
tulāfale n. orator, talking chief;
tūlaga n. location; (made from )
tulilima n. elbow;
tulivae n. knee;
tulou int. excuse me (said when passing infront of people or invading personal space);
tumu adj. full;
tuna n. eel;
tupe n. money;
tupu1 n. king;
tupu2 n. problem;
tusa (pl. tutusa)
I. adj. exact;
II. according to;
tusi (pv. tusia)
I. n. book;
II. v. to write;
(see also tusitusi)
tusi pa'ia n. Bible; (made from tusi + pa'ia)
tusia see tusi
tusiata v. to draw;
tusiga n. writing; (made from tusi + -ga)
tusitala n. author; (made from tusi + tala)
tusitusi v. to write; (made from tusi)
tusitusiga n. place for writing; (made from tusitusi + -ga)
tūto'atasi adj. independent;
tūtū see
tutusa see tusa
tu'u (pv. tu'uina, tu'ua)
I. v. to stop;
II. v. to put something down — Tu'u i lau ato: Put it in your bag;
tu'ua see tu'u
tu'uaga n. completion; (made from tu'ua + -ga)
tu'uga n. end; (made from tu'u + -ga)
tu'uina see tu'u