Samoan Words: P p

1 v. to burst, to rupture — 'Ua le ato: The bag has burst;
2 n. wall, fence, pen;
pa'e'e (pl. pa'e'e'e) adj. thin; (opposite of lāpo'a, puta)
pa'e'e'e see pa'e'e
pa'epa'e adj. white;
pa'i (pl. papa'i) v. to touch;
pa'ia adj. holy;
I. n. water tap;
II. n. pipe;
(from English pipe)
pālagi (papālagi, pl. pālalagi)
I. n. European person;
II. adj. of western style or origin;
(made from 1 + lagi)
palaka n. a wall-socket, power outlet; (from English plug)
pālalagi see pālagi
palapala n. dirt;
palapalā adj. dirty; (made from palapala + -a, see also fa'apalapalā)
pālemia n. president, prime minister, premier; (from English premier)
pāolo n. shade;
papa'i see pa'i
papālagi see pālagi
Pasefika n. prop. Pacific;
I. n. passenger;
II. n. fare;
(from English passenger)
pasi1 n. bus; (from English bus)
pasi2 v. to pass (esp. a ball) — Pasi mai!: Pass it to me!; (from English pass)
pata n. butter; (from English butter)
Patele n. Father (when addressing a priest); (from Italian padre)
pateta n. potato; (from English potato)
pati v. to clap;
patipati v. to clap; (see also pati)
I. n. skin, peel;
II. n. elastic band, hair tie;
pa'ū v. to fall;
I. v.p whether, or;
II. v.p used at the start of a sentence to indicate a question;
1 (also mapē)
I. adj. dead (of animals);
II. adj. switched off (of lights and electronic devices);
(see also tapē)
pe 'a see 'a
pe'a1 bat;
pe'a2 n. tattoo — Mānaia lou pe'a: ;
pefu n. dust;
pefua adj. dusty; (made from pefu + -a)
pelē v. to play cards; (from English play)
pēmata adj. dead;
peni n. pen; (from English pen)
penisini n. petrol; (from English benzine)
I. n. paper, document, playing card;
II. n. packaging, packet;
III. n. plastic bag;
(from English paper)
pepa2 n. pepper; (from English pepper)
pepe1 n. baby; (from English baby)
pepe2 n. butterfly;
pepelo v. to lie;
pepese see pese
peresetene n. president; (from English president)
Peretania n. prop. Britain;
pese (pl. pepese)
I. v. to sing;
II. n. song;
pesega n. song, singing; (made from pese + -ga)
pia n. beer; (from English beer)
piki v. to pick something up; (similar to pikiapu, from English pick)
I. n. pickup, ute, vehicle with tray on back;
II. v. to pick something up;
(similar to piki, from English pickup)
pili1 n. small lizard;
pili2 n. bill; (from English bill)
pilia adj. full of lizards; (made from pili1 + -a)
piliki n. brick; (from English brick)
pīniki adj. pink; (from English pink)
pi'o adj. crooked;
pisa adj. noisy;
pisaō adj. noisy;
pisapisaō adj. noisy; (similar to pisa, pisaō)
pisi adj. busy; (from English busy)
pisinisi n. business; (from English business)
pito n. edge, side;
I. n. whether, or;
II. indicates a question;
I. adj. night-time — 'Ua : It's night;
II. n. the night — Manuia le : Have a good night;
2 v. to slap;
po'a adj. male (of animals); (from English boar)
pogisā adj. darkness;
Polenisia n. prop. Polynesia;
polesi n. porridge; (from English porridge)
polo1 n. pole; (from English pole)
polo2 n. ball; (from English ball)
poni n. pony-tail (hair style); (see also fili2, from English pony)
po'o n.p or; (made from po + 'o)
popo n. brown coconut, suitable for eating;
popole v. to worry;
popolevale v. to worry too much, esp. over something out of ones control; (made from popole + -vale)
popoto see poto
poto (pl. popoto) adj. smart;
potopoto v. to gather;
potu n. room;
potumoe n. bedroom; (made from potu + moe)
pou n. post, pole (of house); (see also vaipou)
povi n. cow; (from Latin bovis)
n. hole;
pua'a n. pig;
puapuaga n. conflict;
I. v. to capture;
II. v. to catch;
pu'eina see pu'e
puipui (pv. puipuia) v. to contain;
puipuia see puipui
puipuiga n. imprisonment;
pula adj. ripe — 'Ua pula le esi: The paw paw is ripe;
pule (pv. pulea)
I. n. boss — 'O le pule a 'oe: you're the boss;
II. v. to be in charge;
pulea see pule
puleā'oga n. school principal; (made from pule + ā'oga)
pulega n. authority; (made from pule + -ga)
pulenu'u n. mayor of village;
pulou n. hat — pulou aitu: mushroom;
pulukalami n. program; (from English program)
I. v. to jump;
II. v. to bubble, boil (of water);
pupula v. to open (of eyes);
pusa n. box;
pusa'aisa n. ice-box, refrigerator; (made from pusa + 'aisa)
pusi1 n. cat; (from English pussy)
pusi2 n. eel;
puta adj. fat; (similar to lāpo'a, opposite of pa'e'e)
pu'upu'u adj. short; (opposite of 'umi, 'umī)