How to Contribute

Want to help? If you want to help make these resources more useful, then you're in the right place.

Use & correct

There are probably (at least) one hundred errors in the guide which haven't been spotted yet. If you notice a typo or incorrect sentence, then let me know.

If you think something hasn't been covered or isn't clear, then send me a few questions and I'll answer them in the guide.


The embedded audio on this site hasn't yet reached "critical mass". If you are a native speaker of Samoan, then your assistance would be valued here.


If you want to have a go at writing some new sections for the guide, or a new page of phrases, then ask for access. The software is custom, but easy to learn if you've used MediaWiki before.

What is not helpful?

  • Sending in large, unedited lists of definitions. In general:
    • The vocabulary only exists to support the language guide.
    • I'm aiming to get recordings and examples for existing words rather than add to the pile!
    • Lists online are full of errors and have uncertain copyright. This is what we need to fix, not perpetuate.
  • Audio recordings which aren't licensed, are low quality, or recorded by non-native speakers.

Where do I send stuff?

You can contact me via email, see my blog's about page.