Verb Particles

'a v.p when;
ae v.p when;
'āfai v.p if;
'a'o v.p while;
e1 v.p is (present tense marker); (similar to te, see also 2)
e3 v.p to (as used before verbs - to eat, to drink, etc);
ina v.p in order to;
v.p not; (similar to le'i)
le'i v.p not yet; (similar to )
na v.p past tense indicator — 'O fea na 'e alu i ai?: Where did you go?;
ne'i v.p lest, otherwise;
'o le 'ā (also 'ole'ā) v.p future tense marker;
'o lo'o ('olo'o) v.p present tense marker;
ona2 v.p that, in order to — E mafai ona 'e tusi?: Can you write that?;
I. v.p whether, or;
II. v.p used at the start of a sentence to indicate a question;
2 v.p was (past tense marker);
te v.p present tense marker; (similar to e1)
'ua v.p Present tense indicator — 'Ua se fia?: What's the time?;