aleluia (haleluia) int. alleluia, hallelujah;
amene int. Amen;
fa'amolemole int. please;
'ioe (1) int. yes; (opposite of lēai, see also masalo)
I. int. no — Lēai fa'afetai: No thanks;
II. num. none — E lēai se mea: There's nothing;
(opposite of 'ioe, see also masalo)
masalo int. maybe; (see also 'ioe, lēai)
oi int. oy!;
I. int. expression of astonishment — Oka e!: O sheesh!;
II. n. meal made from raw fish — 'E te mana'o i se oka?: Do you want some marinated raw fish?;
I. v. to live, to be in working order;
II. int. shows surprise, dumbfoundedness;
se2 int. expression of frustration — Se, tope mai!: Hurry up and get over here!;
tafefe int. shows fear/surprise;
talofai (also talofa ia) int. expression of sympathy;
tulou int. excuse me (said when passing infront of people or invading personal space);