afea adv. when (in the future) — 'E te toe sau afea?: When will you come again?; (made from a- + fea)
'aiseā adv. why;
anafea adv. when (in the past); (made from ana- + fea)
anamua adv. previous, chronologically before; (made from ana- + muamua)
ananafi adv. yesterday — malaga mai ia ananafi: He came yesterday;
ananei adv. earlier today; (made from ana- + nei)
anapō adv. last night; (made from ana- + 1)
I. adv. toward;
II. adv. away from me;
(opposite of mai)
'ese (pl. 'ese'ese, pv. 'eseina)
I. adj. different, foreign, strange;
II. adj. extraordinary — E 'ese le vevela: It's damn hot;
III. adv. away, somewhere else — Alu 'ese!: Get lost!;
I. adv. peacefully;
II. v. to be at peace;
fa'alua adv. twice; (made from fa'a- + lua1)
I. adv. like this;
II. v. to say, suggest, offer one's opinion;
fa'aselau adv. one hundred times; (made from fa'a- + selau)
I. adj. together;
II. adv. once;
(made from fa'a- + tasi)
fa'atolu adv. three times; (made from fa'a- + tolu)
I. just, only;
II. adv. unrestricted;
latu adv. next;
I. adv. slowly, gently;
II. adj. slow, gentle;
loa (pl. loloa)
I. adv. now — Alu loa: Go now;
II. adj. long — 'Ua loa lona tautua: He has served for a long time;
I. n.p from;
II. adv. to me;
(opposite of atu)
muamua adv. first;
mulimuli adv. last, final;
solo (pv. soloina)
I. n. towel;
II. v. to sweep, wipe, go back and forth;
III. adv. around;
so'o adv. frequently;
toeitiiti (toeititi) adv. soon;
topetope adv. quickly, fast; (see also tope)
I. adv. fast, quickly — Inu vave inu loa: Drink fast, drink now;
II. v. quick;