Greetings and Polite Conversation


Saying "hello" is as simple as mālō in an informal setting. The more formal ways to say this are:

Talofa lava » Hello (polite).
Mālō le soifua » Hello.

And to say goodbye, you can say 2, or:

Tōfā soifua » Goodbye
Toe feiloa'i » See you later.
Feiloa'i taeao » See you tomorrow.

The word manuia is used to wish somebody well with anything at all, and can be used to say goodbye as well:

Manuia le taeao » Have a good morning
Manuia le aso » Have a good day
Manuia le afiafi » Have a good evening
Manuia le » Have a good night


Fa'amolemole » Please
Fa'afetai » Thank you
Fa'afetai tele lava » Thank you very much
Tulou lava » Excuse me (used when passing infront of somebody)

Polite conversation

How are you?

'O ā mai 'oe? » How are you?
Manuia fa'afetai » Fine thank you (most common response)
Manuia fo'i fa'afetai » Fine also thank you
Feoloolo » Not so good

An informal alternative to the above:

'Ua ā? » How are you? Good answers to this are apparently lelei and manuia.
'O ā au mea na fai? » What have you been up to?

Asking about age

See Numbers and Time for how to reply to these:

E fia ou tausaga? » How old are you? (lit. how many years do you have?)
'O le ā lau matua? » What is your age? (less common)


'O fea 'e te alu i ai? » Where are you going?
'Ou te alu 'ou te fa'atau » I'm going shopping
'O fea 'e te sau mai ai? » Where do you come from?

The weather

Mānaia le savili » The breeze is nice
vevela le » The sun is hot
'Ua timu » It's raining
'Ua » It's sunny
'Ua 'ou ma'alili » I'm cold

Temperatures are:

māfanafana » warm   vevela » hot
mālūlū » cold   ma'alili » cold (of person)

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